Member Spotlight: Felipe Aguiar

Name: Felipe Aguiar

Title: Vice President of Corporate Development

Firm: Lemartec Engineering and Construction Corporation

SMPS Chapter: South Florida

Number of years in the A/E/C industry: 16 years... since 1998.

How did you get your career start? I began my career in the radio & television industry as an entry level sales & marketing professional.  In 1998 a close friend asked me if I would be interested in joining his father’s architecture firm to effectuate a new marketing and business development department.  I’ve never looked back since.

Helpful hint to share with your fellow SMPS members:  The single most important asset your firm will own is its Brand... the single most important objective you can effectuate is that of increasing Brand Equity.  To accomplish this you MUST HAVE A STRATEGY!

Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you.  When it comes to work... I’m never satisfied.  I believe there’s always an opportunity to improve, innovate, grow (etc).  Anything less would lead to complacency... and this is the first step towards you and your organization becoming irrelevant.

What I did at work yesterday: Yesterday, I designed the firm’s employee evaluation and compensation protocols.  Our new program differs from previous versions in that it will focus on advancement of various marketing and business development objectives, which we will assign to each employee according to his/her role within the organization.  [Lately, my focus has been to restructure several of the firm’s departments under one umbrella – Corporate Development.  The purpose of which is to ensure alignment between all the teams responsible for ensuring we have the resources necessary to increase our Brand Equity and to advance our Strategic 5-Year Plan.  As such, I’ve recently been focused on designing and implementing a series of internal protocols and processes that will ensure we remain efficient in our inter-departmental efforts.]

What is the best communication or marketing advice you ever received? Seek to understand the symbiosis between marketing and business development... and the vital role of the marketing department in leading the firm.  When you do, you’ll realize that proposal coordination has nothing to do with marketing ????

Are you interested in seeking a CPSM; and if so, how do you expect the certification to benefit you? Most certainly yes... however, I finished my Masters in 2011... I need a break first. CPSM certification ensures that specific industry standards are understood by the marketing and/or business development professional (e.g. best practices, skills, methodologies, etc.).  It distinguishes the individual from the rest of the pack, as someone who is a professional in his/her field.  In my opinion, a professional with a degree is king... a professional with a degree and CPSM certification is supreme. 

Favorite book/or last book read: I’m constantly reading any and all content (e.g. books, industry journals, newsletter, whitepapers, etc.) that I feel will help me stay on the cutting edge of my profession.  However, one that I read [re-read] regularly is the Art of War (the original by Sun Tzu).  Most folks know that this book is still require reading at the military academy... what they may not know is that this book is often the source of inspiration for many of today’s business strategy books.

Personal Hero: You may not believe this... but I don’t have a personal hero.  While I admire and emulate many successful role models [alive and historical] I also understand they all have imperfections... which of course is what makes us all humans.

What's the one thing, you can't live without?  My wife and children.  They’re the only reason I work as hard as I do... everything else is irrelevant without them!

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