Member Spotlight: Bradley Jackson

Bradley Jackson

Bradley Jackson

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Engenuity Group, Inc.

Number of Years in Industry:

SMPS: How has SMPS membership been of value to you and your career?
SMPS has connected me with and helped me grow foundations and solid relationships with decision makers at other firms. This has led
to opportunities to team on upcoming and current projects for my firm which boosts my career.

SMPS: How did you get started with your career?
Randomly. I started in a lower level position while looking for work in the Hospitality Industry and saw an opportunity to learn and grow
so I took it.

SMPS: Are you interested in seeking CPSM certification; and if so, how do you expect it to benefit you?
Yes, I am currently engaged with the Chapter study group. It will benefit me by showing leadership in my organization the value of
SMPS, exhibit professionalism in marketing for my department and lead to other leadership benefits such as salary increases.

SMPS: What excites you about your work and the contribution you make?
It is exciting to be engaged with so many different people in the industry and to help be a part of new infrastructure that will reshape the
landscape of South Florida and our surrounding communities.

SMPS: What helpful tip(s) can you share with your fellow SMPS members?
Get involved! Be a leader. the recognition and benefits you receive personally and professionally from the connections you make
increases exponentially from being seen as a leader in your field.

SMPS: What was your childhood dream job?
Environmental protection, specifically in the marine habitat. I literally wanted to save the whales (and manatees).

SMPS: What are you currently watching on Netflix?
I have Netflix on in the background while I am doing other things usually so i don't watch anything super involved. Right now I think I
have FRIENDS on for the 900000 time. Never gets old.

SMPS: If you could visit anywhere in the world you have never been, where would you go?

SMPS: What was your first real job?
Working in restaurants! 14 years old.

SMPS: What's the sneakiest thing you've ever done and got away with?
There are way too many of these to document. Talk to my parents :)

SMPS: You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
I would be a rainbow colored crayon, duh. If you have to ask you need to come talk to me and get to know me better :)



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