Member Spotlight: Kayln Lengieza

Name: Kalyn Lengieza
Title: Owner
Firm: Grindstone Consultants
SMPS Chapter: South Florida
Number of Years in A/E/C industry: 1

SMPS: How did you get your career start? Working in Media at a local radio station doing website maintenance and digital advertising. 

SMPS: What excites you about your work and the contribution you make? The ability to teach my clients how important SEO and Social Media understanding is even in the AEC industries. 

SMPS: If you could learn anything what would it be? SQL, or another language - French or Mandarin. 

SMPS: Helpful hint to share with your fellow SMPS members. You are your brand. Don’t be shy to speak your truth. 

SMPS: Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you.  I am a displaced Steelers Fan. 

SMPS: What I did at work yesterday. I created a press release for a clients new integration release, designed a flyer on a product, reviewed Google Analytics and created new AdWords campaigns. 

SMPS: What is the best communication or marketing advice you ever received? “Ready or not, change is coming."

SMPS: What is your favorite book or movie and why? One of my favorite movies is Caddyshack. It’s the reason my husband and I met. 

SMPS: When you were little, who was your favorite superhero and why? Batman, because I had a huge crush on Adam West (TV Batman) and then Michael Keaton (OG Batman)

SMPS: How do you enjoy your free time? With my family, traveling anywhere we can.

SMPS: What's the one thing, you can't live without? My daughters. 

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